How Technology Is Changing The Job Market

technologyTechnology is changing the way people do everything from staying connected to people, shopping, and even searching for jobs. Social networking sites are becoming more and more popular because more smartphones are being sold and used to stay connected around the clock; hence, the huge influx of LinkedIn users and usage. Companies are leveraging cell phones and tablets to keep in contact with and monitor employees both in and out of the office. And more people are using job search apps to search for and apply for jobs right from their cell phones.

Indeed has been ranked the top site for job seekers, about 62% of online traffic, since many individuals Google jobs and the Indeed website comes up highest for most job searches on Google. Career Builder comes in as a close second for activity. About 30% of Career Builder and Indeed use comes from a mobile app. Many individuals rather have access through their mobile phone rather than on a computer, especially when they’re on the go or at work. It makes sense, though. Why sit in front of a computer searching for jobs when you can search on your phone while on break, or even in the bathroom?

However, about 40% of mobile job seekers will abandon the app if the process is too lengthy or if they can’t apply directly from their phones or email their resume directly to the hiring manager. If the company requires an applicant to go to their website and fill out their online form, many choose to just search for other jobs that allow faster application processes. Makes sense, right? After all, the more applications submitted in a shorter amount of time equals a greater chance of being contacted for an interview, right?

To increase applicant traffic to a company’s job posting, companies must make their application sites more user friendly for those who choose to abandon older methods of applying for jobs. For larger employers, this poses a bit of a challenge. Many larger employers must track more information than smaller employees for compliance purposes and generally requires employees to go through the company’s personal application process. However, larger companies also have more manpower to develop simpler apps that still track the necessary information. Smaller companies are able to take advantage of simpler application processes; however, they have challenges with branding and visibility. These mobile apps and job search sites also use keywords heavily to find better and more qualified candidates.

What can smaller companies do to compete with the bigger companies that have more manpower to create better and more intricate apps? First, the company needs to get their job add posted and indexed through sites like Career Builder and Indeed to increase visibility. Second, get your ad on LinkedIn and give people the ability to apply through LinkedIn with one click. Third, find a qualified job board rep to discuss how to allow your job ads to include a mobile apply button. Fourth, put the job ads everywhere you can. You will receive a lot more applications to sift through, but you’ll also have a greater chance of finding the right one.

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