6 Moving Day Tips

Aaahh...to dream of having a move look like this...
Aaahh…to dream of having a move look like this…

When moving there is always a lot going on between loading, cleaning, conducting a final walk-through with the landlord, unloading, and trying to find the nearest pizza place so you can eat something after a very long and tiring day. Here are a few moving day tips.

  1. Moving Day: Round up friends, family, and church member to help you load up, unload, or actually move you. (I recommend asking them well in advance – and reminding them over and over again). This is a much less expensive alternative to hiring a company to either move you or load the truck. Packing up the moving truck properly will help reduce the risk of damage to your belongings. Ensure that all furniture is properly covered with blankets and make sure the truck is packed tight so that boxes and furniture don’t shift around and get scratched or broken during the move. Also allow yourself, and team of movers, plenty of time for the move so you can get the moving truck back in time or sign your lease if you didn’t prior to moving day, etc.
  2. Cleaning: Some landlords will require a deeper clean than other landlords. It will primarily depend on how long you’ve lived at that residence, and if they are going to charge you anyway. The apartment complex that I’m moving out of shortly has a very short cleaning list that it requires. It contains things like washing the bathroom, cleaning the light fixtures, wiping down the counter (in and out), and wiping down the floors in the kitchen, bathroom, and entry way. Make sure you check with your landlord to find out if they have any requirements.
  3. Final Walk-Through: Many landlords require conducting a final walk-through of the residence that you’re moving out of. This is a good idea regardless if the landlord requires it or not. While going through the walk-through you’ll have the opportunity to explain any damages and why they are there. If the damages are caused by normal wear and tear the landlord may reduce the amount charged, or even eliminate it.
  4. Address Change: You’ll need to submit a notice of address change to the post office to have your mail forwarded to your new address; the DMV for your ID, driver’s license, or vehicle registration(s); other accounts, such as vehicle loan companies, banks, credit card companies, gym memberships, your place of employment, your health insurance company, etc. They will all need to have your current address to send you important notices.
  5. Dinner on Moving Night: Make sure you know where the nearest place to your new home is to order dinner. You’ll likely not feel like cooking, nor will you likely have your dishes unpacked and ready to be used. Pizza is usually our dinner of choice on moving days.
  6. Social Media: And you certainly can’t forget the social media networks. Everyone obviously needs to know that you’re moving, where you’re moving to, and they absolutely need to see pictures of your new place.

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