New HR Laws 2013

As always, there are new HR laws for California businesses for 2013. Here are some of the highlights:

AB 1964: Employees’ religious dress and grooming practices are protected and companies cannot segregate individuals practicing their religious dress or grooming from the public.

AB 1844: Employers cannot request or require an employee (or job applicant) to provide social media passwords, or even provide information about their social media. The exception is if the employer is conducting an investigation.

The disability discrimination and accommodation regulations have been amended to expand on the definitions of ‘physical’ and ‘mental’ disabilities and includes a description of the process and obligations of both the employee and employer through the process, including when a leave of absence would constitute an appropriate accommodation.

AB 2675: The commission agreement law has been amended to exempt certain types of wage payments.

AB 2103: This amends the Labor Code, section 515, to state that a nonexempt, fixed salary employee’s wages are only for non-overtime hours.

These are just a few of the new laws that have gone into effect. For more information and a longer list of new HR laws for 2013, please go to the HRCalifornia website

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