Intense Feelings And Memories And How They’re Triggered

memoriesIsn’t it amazing how our senses work? Just a specific smell or even sound can trigger specific memories and even feelings.

Have you ever walked by someone in a store that’s wearing a specific fragrance and all of a sudden you get a rush of feelings (good, bad, or otherwise)? Or maybe a specific person or experience?

Or, have you heard a certain song, phrase, or voice and it triggers a certain feeling or memory?

The list could go on and on. Our bodies, especially the brain, are very interesting and powerful. When we experience something that creates pleasant feelings we associate those specific feelings to something that has to do with that situation, and the same goes for negative experiences. An example of this might be your first date. If it was a good date, then you’ll associate good feelings with the fragrance of your date, or maybe his/her voice. When you pass by someone who has that same fragrance, or maybe voice, you’ll feel pleasurable feelings, and it might take you a minute to even realize you are having those feelings.

Now, the deepness or richness of that feeling or memory will be directly correlated to the intensity of the experience. If, using the above example, the date went extremely well and you started having feeling for him/her, then the intensity of the feelings will be much higher than if, say, the date went really well, but you decided he/she just wasn’t the one.

You may have even experienced intense feelings when you smell a specific fragrance or hear a specific tone of voice, but had no idea why. This could be because that memory is being crushed somehow. Maybe it happened so long ago that you have a difficult time remembering what happened, or maybe it was a fuzzy time in you life where things just happened so quickly that you lost track of what was going on or a timeline of events.

I constantly hear songs that draw out specific and intense feelings, but I have no idea why. I’ve been thinking about it more and more lately and I’ve actually recalled the memory after a while. When I do this I am developing my mind and making it stronger over time.

There’s a whole medical explanation as to why certain things trigger specific feelings and memories, I’m sure. And I’m sure it’s full of a lot of big, complicated words and names that would confuse anyone who’s not in the medical field. Personally, I like to stick to the fact that our bodies and the way they work are magical and amazing.

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