How To Identify Someone Suffering From An Inflated Ego

Have you ever worked with someone who is just plain difficult to work with? Do Ego (1)they just get on your nerves because they have to be the center of attention? Do they seem to get jealous? Well, they may be suffering from a case of having an ego that is too big. Here are a few ways to spot someone with a big ego:

  • Can’t be pleased. They are nearly impossible to please. They think they can always do a better job than anyone, so when they ask you to do something (work on a project or task) and then they do nothing but criticize your work, telling you everything they would do to make it or do it better.
  • Center of attention. They can’t stand not being the center of attention. Everything that happens in the company simply must involve them, especially when it comes to events or trips (outside of regular business trips). They also tend to feel the need to interject their two cents into every large project, whether they are working on the project or not.
  • All about them. When you attempt to talk to them about anything (professional or personal), they absolutely must throw in something about them or about something they have learned that may or may not have anything to do with what you are trying to speak with them about.
  • Never their fault. If they make a mistake they blame someone else. This is a classic one. If they miss an email, a set of instructions, or misinterpret something, then it is never their fault. Someone else is always to blame because they just couldn’t be wrong…ever.
  • Always right. If anyone disagrees with them they get frustrated and have a very difficult time looking past their own agenda. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to this person because they believe that they are right in all things and anyone who disagrees with them is simply out to hurt their feelings (according to them).
  • Recognition. They must receive recognition for everything they do. If they don’t, then they become upset. Hence, one of the reasons why they must interject themselves into situations that they have nothing to do with. They want to be able to take the credit, but if the situation falls apart they want to be able to say, “I told you so.”
  • Backstabbers. They are what I like to call ‘backstabbers’. They will pretend to be nice, but then turn around and ‘tattle’ on every little thing that you do that isn’t exactly right. But, in most instances, they do it in a way that makes them look like they are just passing on relevant information to a superior, or mentioning something in passing that may plant the seed that there’s something there that really isn’t.
  • Micromanager. They tend to have a ‘take charge’ attitude that really turns into micromanaging and is just plain annoying. They try to lead all discussions because, mostly, they like to hear themselves speak.

These are just a few signs of someone with a large ego that needs to be fed consistently. Do you, or have you, worked with someone like this? What were their signs of having an inflated ego?

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