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I have had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Waller (lead vocals, guitar), Mike Steimel (bass – keyboards, guitar, vocals), and Kevin Bowman (co-writer), from an amazing band: Good Looking Animals. They took a short break from their busy corporate lives to answer a few questions for me. Not available at interview time were Billy Collins (lead guitar) and Joel Tetzlaff (drums, vocals and anything percussion).

I have to start by saying that these guys are hilarious and great to interview. They are jokesters all the way, but they take their music seriously.

Question: How did you come up with the name Good Looking Animals?

Answer: They really wanted to find a name that was unique, but easy to remember and easy to Google. With so many band names out there, this certainly wasn’t an easy task.

Question: What inspired the song How You Do It?

Answer: This song was originally supposed to be for the Dodge Contest submission. The contest was for a Dodge car commercial and would have given them national exposure and $5k. But, after hearing the finished product, they decided not to submit the song. They loved the song too much, they really felt that the song represented them, and they would have lost the rights to the song if they had submitted it and won.

In the end, they had submitted another song (that didn’t win, unfortunately), but they are happy with their decision to keep their song to themselves. Has anyone actually seen the Dodge car commercial from that contest? I haven’t….

Question: Out of all of your accomplishments from being named the nationwide Best Guitar Center Band to performing with the Goo Goo Dolls as Just Add Water, and more recently to landing placement songs all over the place in big-name shows, what do you feel your biggest accomplishment is so far?

Answer: For Steve, the biggest accomplishment was playing with the Goo Goo Dolls in Vegas and being broadcast on VH1. As Just Add Water, they had been playing for about 5 years and had performed in several concerts. Leading up to the show, they ran the set every night for two weeks to make absolutely sure that everyone was ready and sounded perfect.

For Mike, the biggest accomplishment is the band’s overall growth as songwriters. Mike and Steve met about 14 years ago and he loves how they are still inspired, and they are still showing growth and maturity through their music as they evolve.

For Kevin, the biggest accomplishment is helping in the writing of How You Do It. The band has a writing night two nights a week and they were able to write this song in only one night. It’s an amazing song, with amazing lyrics, music, and vocals.

Question: What is your next big goal for Good Looking Animals?

Answer: The biggest goal (likely for most any band) is to be found, noticed, and loved. Placement for this goal is key. Placement in TV shows, movies, and soundtracks. The more the music is out there, the more people who will listen.

For Mike, having everyone in the country know the words to just one of their songs would be ideal. He really wants to walk into a 7 Eleven and have someone annoy him by singing one of his songs to him. (This can be arranged – Just let us know what 7 Eleven you’ll be in and when).

Question:  When you started making some good money with the band, would you give up your corporate job and roots to tour?

Answer: They were all quite unsure of this, answering simply that this would be a good problem to have. (All of a sudden I could see wheels turning in their heads…uh oh).

Question: What do you have coming out?

Answer: This Thursday (May 30, 2013) the Good Looking Animals are anticipating the release of their Debut EP Evolve with a reworked version of How You Do It to the original vision, a little remixing of other songs, and Demons as the cover (which happens to Imagine Dragons current single). This music will soon be available on all digital outlets (i.e. iTunes, Noise Trade, etc.) for purchase or donation.

They also have 4-5 songs coming along in the pipeline, they have two publishing deals completing this week, and hopefully their fans will hear these songs in a movie near you very soon.

You can contact Good Looking Animals on their website, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Special thanks to Mike, Steve, and Kevin for taking time out of their very busy schedules to answer a few questions with me.

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