9 Ideas For A Low- Or No-Maintenance Yard

This will be my blank canvas as soon as we get rid of the rock. It's going to be beautiful when done!
This will be my blank canvas to work with. It’s going to be beautiful when done!

I am on the verge of purchasing a new home for my family. There will be modifications that will need to be done to make the home what I want for my family (an added room, re-doing the bathrooms, etc.). One of the big (and really only) things I don’t like about this home (so far) is that there is that gravel rock in the front yard. The above picture shows the property without the rock, which is what it will look like as soon as the rock is cleared out. You know the kind…little white rocks that absolutely kill your feet if you happen to step on one barefoot (or in heels). Personally, I can’t stand them.

So, what to do with the front yard? Just getting rid of the rock will leave a dirt front yard with a tree to the side of the yard. That’s not very appealing, either. I’ve been looking into maintenance-free yards because I don’t want to have to mow and water a lawn (effort and money), and while my family has great intentions of promising to do these chores for me on a regular basis, we all know that they’ll get busy and it’ll get left undone for a while. Probably until it dies and I have to replace it. No thank you!

Here are some maintenance-free ideas that I’ve found:

  1. Use pavers or flagstone throughout the yard or for walkways – there are hundreds of colors, sizes, and installation techniques to fit your style.
  2. Plant drought-resistant bushes, plants, and trees – this will help reduce the amount of water you use.
  3. Setup a sitting area with benches – wood, iron, or concrete – your choice per your own style.
  4. Pave the yard with cement and create an area for kids to draw on the concrete (like when I used to play hopscotch).
  5. Use planters instead of planting in the ground – you can still use pavers in the yard and have plants, but it would be much less maintenance.
  6. Build (or put in) a small bridge in the yard – it doesn’t have to go over water, it is for the décor.
  7. If you choose to have grass in the yard, select one that is drought resistant and acclimated for the climate where you live.
  8. You can use landscape rocks or wood chips to create an edging to the yard that is beautiful and maintenance-free.
  9. If you’re looking for some shade, but don’t want to plant trees, you can use shade cloth to cover the area to allow some sun to come through.

While fountains are very pretty, they do take quite a bit of work from the installation to the maintenance of the electrical lines to the cleaning of the fountain itself (and of course the water). Creating a maintenance-free/low-maintenance yard not only helps the environment, but it also helps keep your costs (i.e. water usage) to a minimum and you will spend less time working on the yard and more time enjoying your yard. Saving money and gaining time – what more can you ask for?


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