Master (Mistress) Of Ceremonies

My eldest brother is going to be married in a few short weeks and I can’t wait! Today he asked me to be the Master Wedding(Mistress, if you want to be politically correct) of Ceremonies (MC) for his wedding. What an honor!

But wait…..I don’t know anything about being a MC. What do I do? How do I not totally screw up his wedding? Ok, research time…

Master of Ceremonies, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a person who acts as host at a formal event, a program, occasion, or entertainment.

The role of the MC is a pretty simple one…if you’re okay with talking to large groups.

Here’s a few things I’ve found that the MC should / shouldn’t do:

  • Test the microphone and acoustics prior to the arrival of guests – I can do that!
  • Plan out where announcements should be made – got it…lots of notes!
  • Introduce yourself in the first announcement, but keep it short – got it! Seems easy enough.
  • Go through your role with the Groom and additional speakers so they know when / how you’ll be announcing them – oh man…this is getting complicated.
  • Get the tone right, don’t be bossy or bark orders – but that’s what I’m good at! Ok, light tone, inviting, announcing…check!
  • Keep humor to a minimum – GOOD! My humor sucks sometimes!
  • Don’t stop when you mess up – got it, I’ll probably make a mistake somewhere…just let it roll on.
  • Add some emotion and special touches – oh great! I take it this is where the nervousness comes in?
  • Introduce people with enthusiasm – got it…that should be easy!
  • Smile constantly – super easy, especially if I’m able to get my braces off before the wedding!
  • Don’t talk too fast – okay, I’ll have to work on this one. When I’m talking to large groups, I generally have to focus on slowing down my speaking so everyone can understand me.
  • Be confident – okay, that’s definitely not a problem for me!

This is what I gather the MC will be announcing:

  • Who should be in the formal group photos – okay, I’m horrible with names and faces, so this’ll be interesting.
  • When dinner is served – sounds easy enough.
  • Welcoming the Bride and Groom into the dining area – again, sounds easy enough.
  • Introduction of the speeches (Father of the Bride, the Groom, etc.) – check.
  • The cutting of the cake – again, check.
  • The introduction of the first dance – doesn’t sound too difficult so far.

I’ve already gathered a few notes on what to say, I’ll likely (hopefully) meet everyone the day of the event, since I can’t make it before then, and I’ll have the itinerary for the wedding, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. Planning, preparation, and focus are key here.


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