Going Like Hot Cakes

I’ve been super busy lately…to say the very least. We are actually looking (translated: hoping and praying) to become homeowners in the near future. We’ve been looking through listing after listing (after listing), putting in offer after offer (after offer), to no avail…yet. I have confidence that we’ll find something…hopefully sooner rather than later (I don’t know how much more of this my nerves can take). It is a rough ordeal to go through, to say the least. So, if my posts seem to be a bit further out than normal, it’s just because I’m so &*@%#$ busy looking for a new home for my family.

There are were so many homes for sale in the area that we’re looking in. Almost as soon as the majority (like 99.9%) of

Ok, now I'm hungry! Yum!
Ok, now I’m hungry! Yum!

them come on the market, they’re swooped up within hours – literally…very few make it to the 48 hour mark before negotiations are completed and  escrow is in process. Right now, from what I have been told over and over again, is the right time to purchase a home. Real estate is down, there are TONS of foreclosures out there, and these houses are going like hot cakes…seriously…hot cakes go in the matter of seconds in my house.

Our challenges are threefold: first, finding places that aren’t already pending before they even hit the market, or aren’t cash-only purchases, or are within our parameters. Second, getting an offer in quicker than anyone else. I know that this doesn’t always matter, but sometimes it does. Third, out-offering all the other offers submitted. For many of these places it’s all about the bottom line. When you don’t know what everyone else is offering, it can be challenging to find that magic number that is just one step higher than everyone else without putting yourself over the top.

So, just as a warning to anyone looking to purchase a home (from a home buyers perspective):

  • Don’t expect to get the first home you put an offer on
  • Look at TONS of homes
  • Do your research – you don’t want to end up in an area that is less than desirable
  • Make sure you have an amazing realtor (I do!)
  • Don’t get discouraged (easier said than done!)
  • Don’t settle for anything less than what you really want
  • Have a realistic picture of what you can afford and what you want (luckily, mine go hand-in-hand, in this area anyway)
  • Expect to be disappointed when your offer isn’t accepted
  • And finally…DO jump up and down and do cartwheels when your offer is accepted (I’m not there yet, but hopefully soon!)

By the way, I recommend Diane Caddy as an amazing realtor! She goes above and beyond to help find what you’re looking for, she throws out other options that you may not have thought of before, and she’s on top of looking, researching, getting the documents together, and everything in between. If you’re looking in the Inland Empire (CA) please give her a call and see what she can do for you. You can find her on Facebook, LinkedIn, or through her blog IloveCaliforniaRealEstate.com.


  1. You are so right. We went thru the same thing as we were buying a house. Your recommendations are spot on.

    1. Thank you Stephanie. Going through the process of purchasing a home can be quite an ordeal, and quite an eye-opener. The process is definitely giving me an appreciation for what I have, and a much deeper appreciation of what will soon be mine for my family. I\’m learning so many new things…it\’s GREAT!!

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