8 Ways To Get Rid Of Ghosts…Or Not

I have spirits following me from house to house. Yes, maybe that was a bit much to take on so quickly, but I really do.ghost Every house or apartment I’ve lived in has been haunted. Now, there are different types of haunting, but I firmly believe that these are spirits that are following me around as I move from place to place. Okay, it probably doesn’t help that I’ve watched the Paranormal Activity movies, or that I watch Celebrity Ghost Stories, or even that I watch Ghost Hunters, but this thing…it really is real.

Just some of the ‘ghost’ things I’ve experienced:

  • I see shadows
  • I hear footsteps (even pacing footsteps…like someone is anxious about something)
  • My things have been moved from where I left them (and no, I didn’t just misplace them!)
  • I’ve felt someone sit on my bed or hovering over me
  • My cabinets and refrigerator doors have opened by themselves
  • Lights and other electronics will turn on, off, and change channels / stations without any prompt from anyone in the house (human at least)

One day my family and I went to church. We always make sure everything is turned off and closed when we leave my apartment. So, when we got home and found the freezer door open, food fallen to the floor, and half the freezer defrosted, it kinda worried me. On a very frequent basis I will close all of the cabinet doors in my kitchen and go back in a few minutes later and find at least one or two cabinet doors wide open.

I sleep with my door shut and every once in a while I will hear a light knocking on the wall. The only thing on the other side of the wall is a bathroom mirror…and everyone else in the house was asleep.

And I’m not the only one that has experienced this. My oldest daughter has seen a little girl running around, following her if you will, hovering over her while she was in bed, and watching her. Maybe it’s her over-active imagination, but I don’t think so. Everyone in my house has experienced something not-quite-so-pleasant over time.

Now, my second oldest daughter is the only one who has ever been harmed by something unexplainable. This was in our last house. She would wake up with huge, discernable scratch marks on her legs…three scratch marks each time – kind of like a first, middle, and ring finger scratching. They would be scabbed up (they were that deep) by morning. She wouldn’t feel anything in the night or wake up to these attacks, which happened less than a handful of times. Luckily for her, we moved shortly after these attacks happened.

Then, there’s my youngest daughter…the most pure of them all. When we first moved into our former house, she refused to go into her room by herself because she could hear all kinds of voices, she would see people in her closet, and she would feel people all around her in there. Maybe that should have been a sign early on.

So, how do I get rid of these ghosts? Here are a few ways that I have found through my research, but I haven’t tried any of them. If any of you try them, please do let me know how it goes.

  1. Have a Priest bless your home – I saw this done on one of those ghost shows. It didn’t help – it just created a Poltergeist…not good at all!
  2. Find out if someone died in the home – if someone has, attempt to speak to that person, calling them by name, and ask them to move on. Sounds simple, right? But…what if it isn’t that person and you really just piss them off? Ooopppsss…
  3. Firmly announce to anyone who will listen that this is your home and they need to leave immediately – okay, okay…I get this one. But…again…what if you just end up pissing them off because they believe that it is their home that you are invading? Hhhhhmmm…
  4. Don’t emanate fearful energy – apparently, if it’s a bad or negative ghost, then they will feed off of your fear. Then again, if they are bad or negative, who wouldn’t be scared?
  5. Use a widgie board to allow the spirit to speak with you – ummm…I really don’t like this one. They’re already communicating in some way if you know they’re there, right?
  6. Cleanse your home – imagine a bright light around your home, burn sage, and imagine that your home is being cleansed. Just the word imagine frightens me…I don’t want an imaginary fix to this…I want a real fix to this.
  7. Hire Ghost Hunters to come in and ‘do their thing’ – I like this one, but why would they come to my home and do this?
  8. Hire a medium to come speak to the ghosts – I can only guess how expensive a medium is. I mean, this has to be an extremely draining and horrific career choice. If I were them, I’d charge an arm and a leg! No pun intended…

Okay, so I really don’t like any of these solutions, except the last one, but that likely won’t happen. Maybe I’m just skeptical, but really…how are these things going to help?? Any other ideas out there?

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