The LG Revolution Vs. The Motorola Droid Razr

I tend to change cell phones out fairly frequently. This isn’t because I dropcell phones them, break them, or really do any physical damage to them. This is usually simply because I wear my phones out. That’s right, I wear them out. After about a year of use they just start really acting up. They run slower, they power cycle much more frequently; they hang up on people; etc. This has been true for almost every phone I have ever had.

This year was no exception. I completely wore out the LG Revolution…to the point that even a hard master reset didn’t help the situation. The LG Revolution was a decent phone. It was quick in the beginning, I liked the graphics, it withstood being dropped and essentially tortured as it hit pavement, cement, carpet, and even a few walls. The speaker did blow out fairly early on so it was difficult to hear really anything without a headset after a while. It took a few short months, but I was pulling the battery at least every other day, or it would power cycle on me while I was on a call or listening to my music during a workout. Being a savvy (I think) smartphone user (and enthusiast), I think that this is a good phone for someone who is looking to do minimal amounts of things on their phone. Personally, I use a TON of apps, including games, communication apps, entertainment apps, etc. This tends to really bog the phone down.

So, I have recently switched to the Motorola Droid Razr and so far I haven’t had any issues. It has started out pretty strong. I like the darker layout on this phone, and the vibrate ring is quite strong, which I like. This phone is quite a bit bigger than the Revolution and I find myself really using two hands to do much of anything on it, but I do like the larger screen. The front-facing camera is also much better than the Revolution’s front-facing camera.

Here are the specs for these phones:


LG: 6.08 oz

Motorola: 4.48 oz

—There really isn’t a noticeable weight difference when holding them.

Battery talk life

LG: 7.3 hours max

Motorola: 12.5 hours max

—NOPE!! The LG had WAY more talk time in it than the Motorola. I would only need to charge my LG maybe once a day. The Motorola is constantly on the charger because the battery life just plain sucks!


LG: 480 x 800 pixels

Motorola: 540 x 960 pixels

—The Motorola display is much clearer and sharper.


LG: 5+ megapixel

Motorola: 8+ megapixel

—Yes! The quality of pictures on the Motorola is significantly better than on the LG! This is even though the Motorola only has the auto-focus feature; whereas, the LG has auto-focus, face tracking, smile detection, etc.

Overall, as with any device, what you plan to use it for is essential in determining whether or not this phone is right for you. I know that there are many other devices out there that have a lot more features, but these are a couple of pretty good ones.

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