Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my readers!

vdayWhy is it that we only celebrate Valentine’s Day one day a year? Is this a ploy to get men to actually pay special attention to their wife on this particular day? Unfortunately, I know a few women (myself excluded) who have been disappointed with their husband’s efforts in past years. From what I hear, it’s difficult being a man. You’re supposed to be oh-so macho, but then you’re also supposed to be romantic and read your wife/girlfriend’s mind as to what she wants for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. To be honest, I guess it can be rather difficult if you’re really not in tune with your girls’ desires.

A couple weeks ago Adam Levine with Maroon 5 was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on the radio and Adam had a really great idea: let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day throughout the year…randomly. Now, you don’t have to go all-out and get diamonds and chocolates and roses several times a year (although, that would be nice). I’m talking more of a romantic dinner every once in a while, flowers being delivered to your girl at work occasionally, a box of chocolates and a rose waiting for her when she gets home every so often, a nice little surprise waiting for her sporadically.

Most women don’t expect a man to go spend hundreds of dollars on her for Valentine’s Day. Most women only want to see that her man has put some sincere thought and effort into what he has planned. Men, we can tell when you’ve just thrown something together and thrown some money into it. We can tell when you haven’t planned and have just tried to make something up as you go. We can also tell when you have thought about what you’re planning, when you have really planned something for us out of sincere love.

So, my advice to the men out there: Plan something from the heart. Do the little things for your girl all year long. Don’t focus on the money. If you do these things, you’ll likely find that your girl becomes so much happier.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your man did for you for Valentine’s Day.

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