8 Tips To Becoming And Staying Organized

Creating an organization system is a great way for someone to become more proficient in their lives. Once organized, some peopleorganized are able to get more accomplished in a shorter period of time, they gain a sense of achievement, they become more productive, and they become happier overall. Sometimes we have a difficult time with organization, no matter how hard we try. Here are a few tips to becoming more organized in 2013.

  1. Takes time – you aren’t going to become organized overnight. Expect this new organized you to take some time to get it right.
  2. Organizing in  different ways – some people prefer sorting financial documents (i.e. bills, car service documents, birth certificates, etc.) around the house in plastic tubs, others prefer to have a really big filing cabinet, and others prefer to move bills to electronic bills and notifications and retaining papers only for limited necessary items (i.e. birth certificates, car registrations, etc.). Don’t feel bad or become discouraged if you try organizing your home like your best friend does because that system may not work for you.
  3. Start with one thing at a time – don’t attempt to organize everything in your life all at once. This will cause discouragement, frustration, and most people are more likely to give up after a short time if everything is torn apart with the attempt to organize their lives. Start with one thing to organize at a time (i.e. bills/finances, toy boxes/rooms, kitchen cabinets, movies, etc.). With each new area that has become organized, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and become more motivated to organize the next area of your life.
  4. Different organizational techniques – just because the first attempt at organization doesn’t work doesn’t mean that nothing will work. Keep trying new techniques that pique your interest until you find the one that works for you. In addition, not everything should be organized the same way. Food should be organized differently than finances, for example.
  5. Get everyone on board – it is so much easier to organize and stay organized if everyone in your home is on board with the organization.
  6. Don’t make it complicated – the more complicated the organizational system you create, the more difficult it will be for you to remember, and the more difficult it will be for everyone else in your home to help you stay organized.
  7. Start small – start with the smallest organizing project around your home that you can think of. If you start with a small project you can work on you can hone your organizational style without becoming overwhelmed.
  8. Keep it up – just because you’ve organized something in your home, whether it’s your bedroom, the toy room, your kitchen closet, or even the garage, there is upkeep that is needed. The key is to keep the organization an ongoing task. The longer you are organized the easier it will be to keep it up.

The bottom line is that you have to start somewhere. When I originally began organizing my home / life (many, many years ago), I started with my kids’ toys and moved my way up from there. Now, I have so many things that are organized in my home and I’ve been doing it for so long that my kids know exactly what to expect and how to help me stay organized.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you have chosen to organize in your life first.

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