Words To Avoid In Wireless Sales

There are certain words in the wireless industry that any sales person should avoid when speaking with customers. These words tend to have a negative image in the customer’s mind and can be detrimental to the sale. Some words to avoid and suggested replacements include:

Contract = AgreementWhen a customer hears the word ‘contract,’ they tend to think about being locked-in, confined, and/or restricted. Instead, use the word ‘agreement’ because it is less intimidating and more general. It implies mutual concordance rather than something that is outlined by one party.

Activation/Fee or Charge = Set upDon’t use the words ‘activation fee’ or ‘activation charge’ because the customer will hear ‘We are charging you more.’ Refer to this fee or charge as a ‘set up’ for the service. The customer knows that the service needs to be set up. The word set up will take the negativity out of the situation.

Signature = Autograph ApprovalIf you say, ‘Can I please get your signature here,’ the customer may associate their activations with an extreme commitment — as the saying goes, ‘signing your life away.’ If you ask for an ‘autograph approval,’ customers may laugh or feel flattered. This also catches them off guard because most retailers do not ask for autographs.

Are there other trigger words you can think of to avoid using with customers in any wireless or other industries? Please share!

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