Overcoming Objections

Unfortunately with some sales scenarios, customers can pose objections to delay or avoid the close of a sale. Anticipating common objections can help in preparation and throughout the sales process. Below are some suggestions of how to overcome a few common sales objections. As a sales person, you must think of additional innovative ways to overcome such challenges.

‘I want to look at some other stores.’

This is a common objection, and many times the customer doesn’t actually say this, but they imply it. Remember to ask open-ended questions, such as ‘How can I make this happen for you today?’ or ‘What are they offering you that I can meet or beat?’ Create the sense of urgency that you can offer the best deals. Also, tell them about the services you provide to let them know that they can come back to you for more than just returns.

‘I can get this cheaper online.’

Generally, this objection means that the customer is testing how much you will lower the price. Ask the customer pointed questions such as ‘What is the price you can purchase this for online?’ and ‘Where did you see that price online?’ In this scenario, the best thing to do is jump online and check the price. This will give you a reference point when making comparisons. It will also give you the opportunity to verify their claims are true and also make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Keep in mind the concept of instant gratification and how it will work in your favor to close the sale. Remind the customer of the benefits of purchasing today in the store. Essentially, they can walk out your doors with the product in a matter of moments instead of waiting days or weeks for payment processing and shipping for online orders. Assure them that you will be able to provide better customer service than any online computer website. Who do you exactly call at amazon.com for help?

‘I’ll wait until they go on sale.’

Every customer is looking for the best possible deal. Let the customer know that ‘this is on sale now’ and that prices fluctuate on a daily basis. Let him or her know that the price you are offering at that moment may be the best price for the next 6 months and that you cannot promise to be able to match the price tomorrow. Also point out what you have in stock today might not be available tomorrow. Check inventory levels and speak to sales trends and inventory replenishment orders. In cases where it is the last item, tell the customer and urge them to buy now.

‘I’m just looking.’

Many customers will use this excuse to get out of the store. As a little hint, they usually really want help, but are afraid to ask. It is natural tendency to say ‘no.’ Ask open-ended questions to break the ice. For example, “What can I help you find?” By asking questions, you can usually get down to the crux of why customers are in your store, what they are really looking for, and how you can sell them on your product or service.

 ‘I have to ask my husband / wife.’

This is also a common ‘get out free’ excuse. A good way to approach a customer in this situation would be to ask when the husband would be available to come to the store to get the sale going. You can suggest that the customer purchase the product or service as a ‘surprise’ for their spouse. Most of the time, the customer will go ahead and call the significant other to get the ‘okay’ to purchase the phone. Sometimes, the customer will set a day and time with you when they will both be available to visit the store. Try to get the husband down there while the wife is still in the store because you will have a better chance of getting the sale if she doesn’t leave.

What other objections have you run across? How did you overcome these objections?

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