A New Year – Happy New Year 2013!

quote 2013Well, it’s a new year. Does it feel any different than last year (yesterday)? Not really (unless you are severely hung over). As I enter into this new year I am thinking about all those cutesy quotes…you know, the ones that we read and think ‘that’s sooo true’ and then forget about 5 minutes later. A very close (and wonderful) friend of mine posted a Happy New Year post with some of these very cute sayings that really got me thinking about kindness, about how I handle myself and how I choose my own actions, about love, about happiness, about life. What can I say? I’m a sucker for these cute quotes.

So, here’s my list of things I’m thinking about for this New Year. I’m still working on how to incorporate more of them into more areas of my life, but I’ll get there. I’m definitely a work in progress.

Kindness – not just to my kids (although, that is a must), but to everyone I meet.

Faith – this one has been a work in progress for a while. I don’t do that half-hearted faith. I do the real deal.

Compromise – this one is gonna be quite difficult. I don’t compromise well.

Open myself up to limitless choices – I’m always looking for new ways of doing things, new options, more choices. This one may actually be kinda fun this year.

Think before I act, react, spend, criticize, or quit – now, I’m not a quitter, but there are times when I know enough is enough and throwing in the towel is a better option than continuing with madness. I tend to hold grudges, I react a little too harshly sometimes, and I tend to criticize (especially myself) far too often. This one is definitely a work in progress and we’ll see how well it goes over this next year.

Love – no, not love for myself (although, this is important for all of us), but love for others. Sometimes in the midst of the everyday hustle and bustle, we need to remember that there are others out there who need to be loved just as much as we need to be loved.

Let go of old grudges – this one is probably going to be the most difficult for me because I can hold a grudge endlessly (for years and years and years). Although, I can also forgive quickly as well if the wrong has been righted.

Find what makes me happy – I’ve been working on this for a year now. This is definitely a work in progress, but I’m getting closer!

Appreciation for what I have – I have learned more about this over the past year than probably any time in my life. I truly have a deep appreciation for my family, friends, job, and everything I am able to provide for my children.

Develop bigger dreams – how much bigger can I go?? Oh, but I do have some pretty big, pretty awesome, and pretty scary dreams for myself and my family. Nope, I’m not gonna share them here, but as they come along I may just share tidbits of them. They obviously won’t (all) be accomplished in 2013, but I am definitely working towards them this year!

There’s a few of the things that I’m really thinking about today and as I move into 2013. It’s a new day, a new plan, a better plan, and whole new world that I am embarking on. This is going to be a crazy, exciting, successful, enormous, and FANTASTIC year!!

Happy New Year!! May you start this New Year on ‘full’, with a level head, a huge heart, and plenty of good things to come your way!


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