Promotional Orders

When a business chooses to conduct an event, there is a great deal of planning that is involved to ensure everything is in order. Promotional orders need to be placed well before the event to ensure delivery / setup is complete prior to the event to not only reduce stress, but to ensure everything is in place and to allow for a ‘Plan B’ if needed.

Swag is that fun, cute stuff that companies hand out to customers / attendees at events. Some swag items that can be included in your order are T-shirts for ALL employees, bags, key chains, water bottle labels, stickers, Frisbees, other giveaways, etc. Order swag at least one month prior to the event to allow time for shipping. Order the sign spinner directional signs well in advance to ensure everything is setup prior to your event. Two sign spinners are ideal, and depending on placement, you may want to place yard signs with steaks and arrows to create a path to the event. Make sure your sign spinner people understand their role and adhere to the sign spinner parameters. Order median yard signs to be spaced to lead traffic to the store. Also check inventory for holes, hot sellers, specials, and any blow-outs. Make sure you order extras of the “specials” you will be advertising and make sure you have enough inventory in stock for the event.

Has your company put on special promotional events before? What other items did you find useful?

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