Marketing: Call to Action

Don’t forget to have a clear “call to action” in your marketing and advertising campaigns and be consistent with this message. Be aware, “Now Open,” is not a call to action and “Free [Product]” or “Buy One Get One Free” messages are not unique. A unique call to action is something that will distinguish your business from your competition and give your customers a reason to act now! Make sure these messages are simple and easy to understand. A common error in advertising is too much clutter and or multiple calls to action. Keep all forms of advertising neat and clean without a lot of fine print and wording. Finally, do not change your call to action too frequently.  Remember that brand recognition can be achieved through a uniform look, meaning that all your forms of advertising “match.”  Take Verizon Wireless for example. They have been well known for several years, in part, because of the ‘Can you hear me now?’ guy. Now, they have shifted gears and are using the Verizon 4G LTE message. They have branded the company well, as should any business. All marketing efforts should have a distinct call to action, even guerilla marketing efforts.

Does your company have a clear call to action? What is it and do you think it accurately represents your business?

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