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Stress is always a bad thing. It just does bad things to your body and mind. Everyone deals with stress a little differently. I’ve written quite a bit about stress because it’s a part of nearly everyone’s life and should be dealt with rather than letting it get out of control and hurting you.

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Working out can help reduce your stress levels. When you exercise you are naturally boosting your feel-good endorphins, improving blood flow to your brain, bringing additional oxygen to your brain and muscles, thus reducing your stress and anxiety levels and distracting you from your daily issues. Because you are boosting these feel-good endorphins you are improving your mood and creating a more positive outlook (without chocolate??) and relieving dangerous stress, worries, and anxieties you’ve collected throughout the day…making you feel so much better!

Yoga is an excellent stress and anxiety reducer, but any exercise that gets you to use muscles you don’t normally use and gets your blood flowing will do the same thing. Science has identified that individuals who are physically fit can respond more positively, have less extreme physiological responses, and have the ability to better handle the long-term affects of stress without suffering from a burnout as quickly from stressful situations.

Did you know that exercise also helps you sleep better and helps relax tense muscles? Sure does! Your body is tired after a good workout, after all, you’ve just worked muscles in your body and gotten blood to parts of your body that need it. Now you’re body is tired, so you sleep better.

Stress can also cause you to gain weight if you aren’t careful. Some people I know have a tendency to eat when they’re stressed – they eat anything and everything they can get their hands on. This is the quickest and easiest way to lose control of your health – FAST! Reducing the stress will reduce your cravings for that food.

On the other hand, I am the type of person who doesn’t eat when I’m stressed. Yup, we’re out there. Unfortunately, this is just as dangerous. When we don’t eat our bodies turn to ‘starvation mode’. In this mode, whenever we do eat something our bodies react and store as much as possible to save for later. This will have adverse reactions on your weight loss because once you start really getting hungry when you’re exercising regularly, then your body will store that food rather than use it for the fuel it should be using it for.

Personally, I absolutely love exercising! I can feel a huge difference in my mood, in how my body feels, my outlook on situation and individuals, I feel less stress and anxiety. If I could just workout all day, I would…for those benefits alone!

Do you use exercise as a stress reducer / reliever? How does it work for you? What type of exercises do you do?


  1. If you have firm determination then it is not be hard to reduce weight in an expected duration, so you must not hesitate consulting an efficient weight loss expert that can provide suitable guidance. Besides this, you should try consuming a herbal weight loss supplement with fat burner properties, to speed up the process of weight reduction.

    1. I agree that herbal weight loss supplements can help, but be careful to not take too many. Losing weight should be a gradual thing. If you lose weight too rapidly you run the risk of not being able to keep it off permanently. Also, if you have any autoimmune disorders (including MS, diabetes, migraines, psychological disorders, gut issues, etc.) these supplements can hurt more than help in some cases. Consulting with a doctor or someone certified in health management would be best in these instances.

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