Goal Setting

Every business owner should have goals set to determine how he or she wants the business to grow. Every sales person should have goals set to determine not only how much he or she will be paid, but also to determine his or her approach to the sales process and the set time frame for attaining those goals.

Decide – The first part of goal setting is to decide what the goals are. Write them down and be specific to make them real rather than an abstract idea. Recording the goals on paper will help an individual visualize his or her success and increase the likelihood of following through.

Plan – Create a plan of how the goals will be reached. The plan can change the outcome or the end result with a new plan and a series of action items.

Take Action – The most important thing to do is make sure that the goals are being worked on / toward every day. It is extremely crucial for an individual to set him or herself in motion every single day and to not procrastinate or hesitate to avoid losing momentum.

Flexibility Look at the progress. Is the plan working? If it isn’t, decide on a new plan. It is absolutely essential to be flexible in the plan. If the plan did not result in what was planned, don’t give up. This will help an individual determine what does not work and will be that much more educated when deciding on a new approach.

Have you set goals for yourself or your employees? Are they reasonable and attainable goals? Are you working toward achieving them every day?

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