Buying Signals: Verbal / Non-Verbal

There are specific verbal and non-verbal buying signals that every customer gives. Knowing what to look for can help you in the sales process to make more and better quality sales. These buying signals either represent that the customer is or is not interested in the product / service. However, if they came into your store or called your business they have an intention of either gathering information for a purchase decision or they are looking to purchase a product / service.

Non-Verbal Buying Signals

Likely Not Purchasing

  • Avoids eye contact
  • Casually handles the product
  • Looks at many different products without showing sincere interest in any of them
  • Moves around the store quickly

Likely To Purchase

  • Looks you in the eye
  • Handles the product and looks at the features of the product
  • Spends time looking at one product
  • Looks around for someone to help them
  • Reaches for money in their wallet or purse

Verbal Buying Signals

Likely Not Purchasing

  • Makes ‘not now’ excuses
  • States they have to speak with their spouse / partner prior to purchasing
  • Asks about return policies

Likely To Purchase

  • Asks detailed questions, including price
  • Engages in a conversation with you
  • Asks you or someone else for their opinion of the product
  • Uses possession language as if they have already purchased the product

This is obviously not a full list of buying signals, but I think you get the point. A customer will generally let you know through verbal and non-verbal signals as to whether they are seriously interested in purchasing your product / service; however, you have to be tuned into what these signals are and what they represent. In some sales scenarios you may be able to turn a non-purchasing customer into a purchasing customer if you say the right things to engage the customer in conversation so you can show them the true features, advantages, and benefits of the product / service.

Have you mastered identifying the verbal and non-verbal buying signals yet? Are there other signals you would like to add to the list?

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