Providing Solutions

Selling to your customer is great…except that not everyone wants or needs to be sold to. It is much easier to provide a solution than to sell something to a customer. When your customer has a problem (whether they know it yet or not) they are more likely to purchase the solution to that problem.

When I think of companies and ‘solutions’ I think of Time Warner Cable. This is not because I think they are the best at what they do, not because I think they are an all-around solution to any business’ needs, but I think of them because they have marketed their business solution quite well. I hear their ‘business solutions’ commercials on TV and on the radio all of the time. Their website touts Business Solutions for small, medium, and large businesses. What if you didn’t realize your business had a problem? That is, until you heard one of their commercials where they will ‘help you grow’ and where you’ll make your business their business…true story – I heard it on the radio this morning!

We should all be finding solutions for our customers’ problems. The sale will be so much easier. First, gently explore what your customer’s needs and wants are. Second, gently suggest that your product or service can help solve their issue of XYZ. Third, ask the qualifying questions (and in most cases you can even guide the conversation to help them see that they have a problem that needs to be fixed). Fourth, close the sale.

Yes, that sounds a bit too easy…probably because it doesn’t usually happen that quickly. However, to successfully offer a solution to your customer there must be a problem.

What problems does your product or service create a solution for? Where would you find customers with these specific problems and how do you reach them?

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