Free Or Low-Cost Halloween Costume Ideas

As a child I despised Halloween, primarily because my birthday is right before this dark holiday and so when I had birthday parties they were always Halloween parties. Looking back, this really wasn’t so bad. I guess it just gets old after a while. But now I absolutely love Halloween! While I don’t always dress up, I love watching my kids dress up! A few of my children are extremely creative when it comes to costumes…ok, really anything, but especially with costumes. My oldest, for example, watched a few You Tube videos and learned how to do zombie makeup with toilet paper, regular liquid glue, and a little bit of paint. This is all stuff I have lying around the house, which makes it that much better!! My second oldest has chosen to sew her own costume this year. She is going to be Little Red Riding Hood and she sewed her own hood-cape thing. It looks GREAT! She did it all on her own with the exception of a little help getting the sewing machine working. Less work for mom and she can take full credit for her costume! My fourth oldest child decided he wanted to be a zipper face for Halloween this year. Again, he watched a couple You Tube videos to learn how to do it with a zipper, a little makeup (which, apparently, I am supplying), and a little paint. Total cost of all three costumes: $9 for material for the hood, $2 for a zipper…$11 for 3 costumes!! Not bad at all!

Here are a few sites to give you some fun and free / cheap costume ideas:

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Halloween Costumes

Do you have your own free or low-cost Halloween costume ideas? Please share!

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