Feature, Advantage, Benefit

When working with a customer to help them understand the product or service you are selling, you should always show them the features, the advantages, and the benefits. This will help push the customer over the fence and make the decision to purchase, if these areas are compelling enough for them that is.

I am going to use energy efficient windows as the example here. I didn’t have them in my last house, but I do now, so I can definitely see the features, advantages, and benefits. I chose to use Champion Windows for this example since they came up in my search first.

Feature – “What it is” – the energy efficient windows include features, such as a lifetime warranty, exclusive comfort 365 ® glass (it’s double-pane, argon-enhanced, and insulated glass), it qualifies for the ENERGY STAR ® in all 50 states, and it holds the Good Housekeeping Seal for the quality and reliability.

Advantage – “What it does” – the energy efficient windows, because of the exclusive comfort 365 ® glass, keep your home warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and quieter year-round. In addition, these windows block the sun’s harmful UV rays that can fade your furniture, drapes, and carpet.

Benefit – “How does it fill a need” – everyone needs to be able to lower heating and cooling costs, which this glass does. Everyone needs to reduce the sun damage to themselves and their furniture / drapes so they can save on replacement costs, which this glass does. If your house is near high traffic areas you will likely hear noise from cars / trucks, kids playing outside, maybe school bells and announcements over the PA system if you live near a school. These windows will block this noise much more efficiently than traditional windows.

Do you see how different of a sale that is? After explaining the features, advantages, and benefits to the customer, they will be more likely to purchase these windows, even though they are more expensive and may not actually need to replace their windows right now. Everyone is about cost savings, especially in the economy we live in right now. If these windows can ultimately help save them money in the long-run, they are more likely to purchase than not.

Have you figured out what the features, advantages, and benefits are of the product or service you currently offer? What are they?


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