Connecting Where Your Customers Are

Social media and mobile content has changed the way consumers shop. There’s no denying that mobile shopping and social media is on the rise. With the world-wide use of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have changed the way consumers connect with each other and with businesses. And with the influx and agility of mobile apps (both Android and iPhone) customers have so much more information at their fingertips.

Mobile apps are getting easier and easier to develop and launch to customers. Connecting with your customers in a medium that they are used to, comfortable with, and can relate to will increase your business.

Creating a mobile app, such as one (or more) of the following can help increase your customer base, returning customers, and your bottom line:

  • Coupon app – send out coupons to your customers
  • Tracking app – allow your customers to track something that relates to your product or service (i.e. Planet Fitness has an app where you can track your workouts)
  • Tips app – give your customers tips about your industry
  • Appointment app – allow your customers to make appointments through an app
  • Game app – create an innovative game that gets your products or services into the minds of your customers (and their kids) (i.e. the 76 Station has a Quiet Game and a Weekend Countdown Screensaver, among others)
  • News app – give your customers the ability to read industry news at their fingertips

There are so many more examples that the capabilities of mobile apps are nearly endless. Don’t forget to ensure you have your social networking sites up and running (and advertised) so your customers can find you, connect with you, and learn more about your business. Offering prizes and give-a-ways through social networking sites is also becoming more popular and gives your company a great way to reach out and connect to your customers.

Do you have a mobile app and your social networking sites up already? If not, why not?

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