4 Tactics To Increase Sales

There are always ways that you can increase the sales of your retail location. Here are 4 tips for smaller retail locations that provide one-on-one customer attention.

  1. Sale Items – every retail location should have ‘special sales’ to attract their customers to items that you need to move, or that you got a really great deal on and are passing that deal on to your customers. Ensure your staff knows how to answer the “What’s on sale” questions, and ensure they know how to present the sale items as value items, not just stuff that’s marked down for whatever reason.
  2. Impulse Items – take inventory of what you have at the counter. These should be moving at a pretty rapid pace…hence the name of ‘impulse items’. These could be items like candy bars, soda, or something specific to your business (i.e. key chains or air fresheners for automotive locations, cell phone cases for wireless locations, purse-size combs or mirrors for beauty locations, etc.). These should be low-cost items that your customers should be drawn to. if they aren’t moving quickly then maybe you should revisit what items you have there, the way the items are displayed, or how close to the register / line they are displayed. If someone is waiting in line these items should be within their reach.
  3. Did the Customer Forget Something? – help remind your customer of ancillary items he or she may have forgotten. For example, if you have an automotive business and a customer comes in to purchase oil, ask the customer if this is for an oil change and if they have everything they need (i.e. oil filter, oil drip pan, funnel, shop rags, etc.). And be sure to let them know of any other products / services you offer (i.e. they can drop off their used oil to your store for FREE to be disposed of properly so it doesn’t hurt the environment).
  4. Multiple Customers – it is every retail owners dream to have ‘too many’ customers. Meaning that you have more customers than you have sales people because this means your business is growing. However, if your employees don’t know how to properly handle multiple customers you could lose those customers. I recommend a lot of role playing among employees so you can show them how to properly handle multiple customers. Many employees don’t necessarily like or enjoy role playing, but it is a necessary evil to ensure your staff is properly trained.

Do you currently use these tactics? How do they work for you?

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