I took this one from a post on Facebook, too. It was too good not to share. We all need to have some positive affirmations in our lives sometimes.

My mind, body and spirit are strong Ÿ • I take time each day to rejuvenate and recharge Ÿ• I draw from a deep well of peace and calm Ÿ• I breathe in strength and release my fears Ÿ• I go after my heart’s deep desires Ÿ• I can accomplish anything Ÿ• All of my dreams are coming true Ÿ• I focus on my goal and have the strength to make it happen •Ÿ I choose to be unstoppable •Ÿ I am strong Ÿ• I act in spite of my fears Ÿ• I am bigger than my concerns and worries Ÿ• I go for it with gusto! Ÿ• I can do anything I put my mind to •Ÿ Each day I am getting stronger •Ÿ I take great care of myself Ÿ• The strength of others inspires me daily Ÿ• I trust my intuition and live a courageous life •

What positive affirmations do you use in your life?


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