Remembering 9/11

One Nation Under God – INDIVISIBLE!

September 11thwas a sad day for Americans. Many lost loved ones, both friends and family, in the terrifying destruction. The memories of these individuals, and the day itself, will live on in infamy. While those terrorists were attempting to destroy America, they did something they did not expect. They brought us closer together. Selfless acts were conducted during and after these horrifying attacks from strangers just ‘doing the right thing.’ Many of these selfless acts resulted in the loss of life, but these heroes will never be forgotten. While America was expected to be torn apart, to succumb to fear, to turn against one another, we did not. As a matter of fact, the end-result was the exact opposite. We are stronger than ever because we have experienced what we have.

Here are some great websites that you can explore about 9/11, including memorials, how to talk to children about 9/11, timelines, and much, much more. Just remember that through the worst tragedies come the strongest individuals, teams, communities, and nation.

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9/11 Digital Archive

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