Make Your Life Easier

Are you over-stressed, constantly rushing around to get everything done, and still find that there are things on your to-do list that don’t get done? Here’s a few tips to help fight this battle:

  1. Ask for help. This may sound simple, but it really isn’t as easy as it sounds. Some personalities just find it difficult to delegate much of anything (such is my personality). After all, we can get it done much faster, more efficiently, and correctly if we just do it ourselves, right? Well, of course. But, at what price? The price of our health and sanity? Yep! Learn how to delegate some of the things on your to-do list to those in your household that can do them. For example, ask your spouse or one of your kids to vacuum, switch around the laundry, or (heaven forbid) clean up their own room for a change. The biggest thing to remember is that even if it’s not done 100% to your standards, that’s okay. This not only offers a teaching opportunity for your spouse or child(ren), but just because it’s not done perfectly doesn’t matter. It’s done…that is what matters.
  2. Stop acknowledging that you don’t have enough time. This just means that you are spending time thinking about the time that you don’t have rather than doing something productive.
  3.  Figure out what you can let go of. I know, I know…not so easy, right? Think about it this way: what is an absolute must for you to get done today? What are the most urgent tasks? Get those done first. Then, if you have time you can work on the other items. This will help reduce your stress and anxiety levels drastically! Just think about how much better you’ll feel when you know that those big things are off your plate!
  4. Make your tasks easier on you. One word: multitask. If you can talk to an old friend on the phone while washing dishes or folding laundry, then do it! Think of things that you can do together to make your life easier. Then, you’ll get twice as much done in half the time!

Have you ever gotten all the way through your to-do list? How did it feel?

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