Communication Skills – A Necessity?

In a day and age where technology is found around every corner, where nearly every teenager is texting, IMing, emailing, etc., the development of proper communication skills is essential for these young people to make it in the business world. If young people don’t learn how to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing, they will have a challenging time finding a good paying job where they can advance within the organization.  “The ability to speak and write well will make a young person stand out,” according to Rebecca R. Hastings.

So, how do we get our young people to the right level where appropriate communication tools are used?

First and foremost – encourage open and correct communication. Open and correct communication involves the ability to communicate effectively through both verbal and written communication.

Second – enhance problem solving and critical thinking skills. Not everyone has learned how to ‘think outside the box,’ but those who have will go much farther faster. These skills don’t only include the ability to think of a solution, but the ability to effectively communication the desired end-result…and the path to get there.

Third – increase and stimulate enthusiasm and a positive attitude. No one wants to be around someone who is always negative, down on themselves or others, and who does his or her job with reluctance. Having a great attitude about your job, about working in teams, and about going that extra step when you really didn’t have to, will make all the difference in whether or not you communicate effectively.

Unfortunately, each of these skills can only be taught to an extent. Once the basics have been taught, it is up to the student to take that information and run with it to increase their skill levels and marketability to the company / customers.

What advice would you give to the younger generation in regard to communication and the workplace?


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