Clerking Vs. Value Added Sales

Everyone, and every industry, has their own selling style. Some industries can even have multiple selling styles. To begin in sales, you’ll need to understand these differences, how they impact your sales, and how to change to a better selling strategy if needed.

There are several types of selling techniques, but we’re going to focus on clerking and value added sales – to keep it simple.


When I think of clerking I think of the phrase, “Would you like fries with that?” That’s right, clerking sales is much like the McDonald’s of the world. There isn’t much that goes into these types of sales. Generally, the customer knows what they want. The sales person may ask if they want that sweater in a blue as well, but there’s no value in these sales.

Clerking sales positions are generally straight hourly, no commission, no bonus. This is because the sales person is not expected to really add any value to the sale to get the customer to purchase more from the company. They might be told they have to ask certain questions, such as “Would you like fries with that?” But not much beyond that.

Value Added Sales

This is where the meat and potatoes are. This is where sales people make the money – in the value of the product they’re selling. Sales people who use value added sales techniques actually talk to their customers, listen to their customers, show their customers options, and show their customers the value in what they are purchasing. This is where the satisfaction of the customer is important.

Earl Nightingale once said, “Values determine our needs. Needs determine our goals.” Our goal in this arena is to target the right customers to sell our products or services to. Not every customer is the right fit for our products and services, but those who are will purchase more because they see the value – even in intangible items. This is where the money is in sales, and this is where any sales person who doesn’t work at a fast food chain or department store should be.

What type of sales person are you? What type should you be?

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