5 Things To Remember When Greeting A Customer

When a customer walks into your store there’s a reason for it. It could be that they saw your ad and are interested, or that they are in need of a product or service you provide, or that they are comparison shopping, or maybe they really are ‘just looking.’ Whatever the case, when your customer walks in the door, make sure that you remember these five little items – that could potentially make or break the sale:

  1. You need to make sure your customer feels welcome and appreciated. Treat them like you would an old friend. This will help them feel more welcome.
  2. Always – did I mention always – make eye contact with the customer. This will let them know that you are paying attention to them, are interested in them as a customer, and want to help them.
  3. Get away from the counter! If you address a customer from behind the counter, then they will feel isolated and your best of openings will be viewed as cold.
  4. Approach the customer, but don’t get in their face. Everyone has a personal bubble that they like to maintain with strangers (and yes, you are a stranger – for now). You shouldn’t be shouting from across the room, but you also shouldn’t be able to smell their breath. Get close enough to talk at a normal level, but not so close that you invade their personal bubble and make them feel uncomfortable.
  5. Last, but certainly not least, make sure your greeting is unique. See Get Out Of Old Habits – Spruce Up Your Greeting for ideas.

Is there anything else that you suggest be included on this list that you’ve used, or seen used?

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