Tips For Branding Your Business

Marketing is more than just creating an ad and publishing or posting it for customers to see. It’s more than just offering a BOGO or a sale price on some products. Marketing is also about branding your company. Branding a company is about developing the image the company wants to portray. How do you do that? Here are a few tips for branding your company:

  • Regularly write, issue, and post press releases and article about your company to the media and online (both to your own website and through social media avenues).
  • Identify the markets where your customers are and ensure PR and media are reaching those markets, not necessarily where your business is located if it is not applicable.
  • Develop a reputation for offering niche expertise for your industry. Don’t just sell it – speak it, present it, write it, teach it.
  • Become actively (notice I said actively) involved in local events – charitable, community, etc. Make your company known as a ‘participator’ and get your logo and image out there for your customers (and potential customers) to see.
  • Create a calendar of all your local events and post it on your website for your customers to see.
  • It may be good to mention here – hire someone to build you an amazing, eye-catching, user-friendly, informative website for your customers to access.
  • Publish a monthly newsletter that is published to your website and that can be mass-emailed to your customers who sign up for the newsletter. Include information about your company, events you have / are attending, information about the industry, industry facts, etc.

Before doing any of these things you will need to decide what branding message you want your company to have – then get it out there!

What is the brand your company portrays? Does your company have a tag line?

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