How Do You Handle Stress?

I have been through some pretty big changes in the last few months; although, it feels like it’s only been about a week. Time flies…not only when you’re having fun…but when you are stressed, anxious, frazzled, etc. When I end up in a situation such as this (stressed to the point where you can’t make a comprehensible sentence, conversations feel like they are repeating themselves, and your brain is completely fried), I tend to start focusing on something major that absolutely must be done, something that is unavoidable, something that makes me push the rest of the stress to the very back so I can function as a normal adult (or one that is on major steroids LOL!). I find it quite amazing what can be done when focus and attention are given to that idea, item, etc. I become one of those women who accomplish so much in a day or week that no one should be capable of. I love this! But, it also takes a toll on my body, my mind, my spirit.

I also tend to not eat very much when I am hyper-stressed (yes, my phrase there). My appetite just decides to go away. This part is great for me, in a way, although pretty unhealthy. I also tend to take on so much more than I need to just to have something to focus on, to keep the thoughts of the stresses away. Eventually they creep back in, though, unaware to me at the time.

Then everything settles down. Things start going back to normal. The thoughts of the original stressors continue to creep back in, making me now focus on those things. Although a little less stressed now, it’s still difficult to comprehend what caused the initial onset of the stress. It’s difficult to try to make sense of the happenings that led to the current situation. One must remember, though, that we are all only human; that we can only take on so much before we emotionally explode; that we all deserve to be happy.

Everyone handles stress differently. Some are like me and stop eating as much, start focusing on things that will take their mind off of the stress, and suppress the feelings and stresses. Others eat more, or bottle up all of their emotions. Still others become over emotional, crying, have difficulty focusing on anything.

We should all be aware of how we handle stress, not only in our professional lives, but also in our personal lives. After all, each part of our lives spill over into the other, creating additional challenges and discomfort. If we are happy with the way we handle stress, then great. If we aren’t, we need to learn new ways of dealing with stress. Long-term stress can, and will, be detrimental to a person’s health. Stress causes all sorts of health issues, such as:

  • Increased pressure on the heart – can cause a heart attack
  • Ulcers
  • Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Decreased libido
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

The list could go on forever. Some of these can cause long-term health issues.

How do you handle stress in your life? Does it work for you or do you think that you may need to make a few changes?

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