4th Of July Fun

Here’s some 4th of July fun!

Word Scramble

ICNPCI ___________________

LJYU _____________________

PEDNINNEDECE AYD _____________________________

LGFA ________________

TTRIPOAIC _________________________

RDEEFMO __________________________

RFEI KSOWR _________________________

RUBAQBEE ______________________

TSRA DPNGLASE NRBNEA _________________________________

U.S. History Quiz

1. Who were the two men who signed the Declaration of Independence and went on to become U.S. presidents?

  1. Samuel Adams and George Washington
  2. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams
  3. James Madison and James Monroe

 2. In 1803, the United States bought Louisiana Territory from France. The deal, known as the Louisiana Purchase, doubled the size of the U.S. and opened a new frontier for exploration. How much did the U.S. pay France for the land?

a. $15 million

b. $500,000

c. $50,000

3. The last new star was added to the American flag in which year?

a. 1940

b. 1960

c. 1950

4. Which one of these presidents had someone other than his wife serve as first lady?

a. James Madison

b. Andrew Jackson

c. Theodore Roosevelt

5. What is the source of the following phrase: “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”?

a. Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration speech

b. U.S. Constitution

c. Gettysburg Address

6. Which president approved the 50 State Quarters Program?

a. William Clinton

b. George W. Bush

c. Ronald Reagan


Word Scramble:










U.S. History Quiz:

1. b. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams – George Washington, James Madison, and James Monroe did not sign the Declaration, and Samuel Adams was never President.

2. a. $15 million – The U.S. got 820,000 square miles for 3 cents an acre in the purchase.

3. b. 1960 – Hawaii joined the Union on August 21, 1959, and the new star was added to the flag the following Fourth of July.

4. b. Andrew Jackson – Andrew Jackson’s wife, Rachel Donelson Jackson, died on Christmas Eve shortly after he was elected. Her niece, Emily Donelson, and daughter-in-law, Sarah Yorke Jackson, served as White House hostesses in her place.

5. c. Gettysburg Address – President Lincoln was wrong when he stated, “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here”—for the words he spoke at the dedication of the battlefield at Gettysburg are among his most famous.

6. a. William Clinton – The program was scheduled to run from 1999 until 2008, with five new quarters released every year for ten years. The quarters are being released in the order that the states ratified the Constitution and joined the Union.

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