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My Rebel

Well, I’ve been riding my motorcycle (Rebel) for just over two months now. I’ve taken the class that is CHP approved, which was absolutely great! I took the Basic Riders Course through M&M Motorcycle Training. I thought that the classroom trainer was engaging and really hit all of the points needed to take (and pass) the written classroom test (I obtained my motorcycle permit prior to taking the class). The two-day riding portion of the class was also awesome. The trainers seemed a bit young, but they definitely had experience on motorcycles. They were patient, they explained the course practices and final riding test well, and they gave us plenty of practice time. They also let us know what we would be graded on during the exam, how we would scored, etc. prior to taking the final riding exam. I really learned a great deal through this course, especially cornering, stopping, and swerving. These are three basics that any rider really must know and master to successfully ride in traffic. By the way, I passed with a perfect score!

I haven’t taken the freeways yet primarily because 1) I’m still scared LOL!! and 2) because my bike is a 250cc and I’m afraid of being tossed around too much between and around other cars, especially big rigs. Every day I grow a little more comfortable on Rebel and I learn new ways to anticipate what others will do. When I was picking up some riding gear at Cycle Gear not too long ago, a seasoned rider gave me two pieces of advice:

1)      Stay away from cars – yeah…easier said than done!

2)      Pretend like you are invisible – absolutely! People driving cars sometimes can’t see the silhouette of motorcyclist because they are in their blind spot, or they look right through them.

What I have learned is that I have to really watch other cars, rev my bike when I need help communicate to a driver that I am there (the horn is really not loud enough), and I have to watch my mileage so I don’t run out of gas!

For me, riding is fun, mind-clearing, exciting, and a privilege. I have always been so afraid of motorcycles (for good reason), but I have overcome my fear and I think I’m pretty good at it!

Please share the road with motorcycle riders!

Have you ever thought about riding a motorcycle? If you already do, do you like it?

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