Conversation Vs. Dictating in HR

According to Beth Mirza, HR leaders must understand the importance and conduct meeting in a way that allows a discussion by senior leadership rather than quoting a lot of data, metrics, and reports. When the numbers are quoted, then others in the room (who aren’t in HR) begin to disengage from the conversation and their mind then travels anywhere else except on the topic. HR leaders also generally try to create a solution before the problem is fully explained and understood. They also attempt to guess what the needs are for the organization without fully understanding the point of view of senior leadership.

Instead, HR professionals need to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the industry and organizational challenges, and to find out what the senior leadership team truly believes the needs are of the organization. When a conversation is developed more information is given and this will help HR to develop a plan to meet the needs of the organization. However, this does not mean that HR leaders shouldn’t conduct the necessary research prior to the discussion with senior leadership. According to Mirza, the discussion format should include the following points:

  • HR professionals should conduct an environmental scan to educate themselves on the challenges, developments, and trends of the industry and the organization.
  • HR professionals should ask senior leadership what the business strategy is to address the challenges and trends.
  • HR professionals should develop a conversation that encompasses ways for the talent in the organization to be adjusted or acquired to meet those goals and objectives.

Do the HR professionals in your company attempt to have a conversation about talent, benefits, etc. with senior leadership? Or, do they / you attempt to come up with solutions prior to having those conversations? Why?

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