Effective Communication Among Youth

Texting is becoming more prevalent among our youth, and along with texting comes abbreviated words and / or phrases. Below are a few examples that I’ve seen come through from my teenagers (and I’m guilty of using a few of these myself, but not all):

  • You: u
  • Are: r
  • Heart: <3
  • I don’t know: IDK
  • Oh my God: OMG
  • Later: L8R
  • Be right back: BRB
  • To, two, or too: 2
  • Okay: k
  • Best friends: BF
  • Laughing my butt off: LMBO
  • Laughing my a** off: LMAO
  • Best friends forever: BFF
  • See: c
  • By the way: BTW
  • Instant message: IM
  • Because: cuz
  • Just kidding: JK
  • Please: pls
  • Over: ovr
  • Oh: o
  • Why: y
  • Laugh out loud: LOL
  • Facebook: FB

With the use of these abbreviated words, our youth are having challenges effectively spelling and communicating. Effective writing and communication skills are crucial in determining how far an individual will advance in his or her job. According to Rebecca R. Hastings, “Communication skills are the most important and the hardest to find.”

We must continue to work with our children to ensure that they know how to spell and communicate (not just via text) so that they can move up in the job world and become successful. While technology helps us more and more in our everyday lives, it can also hurt our children when it comes to developing actual communication skills.

Do you work with your kids to make sure they know how to spell properly and communicate effectively? They’re never too young (or old) to start!

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