Change In Lifestyle

With the economy the way it is and the rising gas prices many of us are forced to change our way of life to continue living with the ability to pay all of our bills. My husband and I are no exception. As gas prices rise, so does the amount of money we are spending on gas just to get back and forth to work. We both commute quite a distance to and from work every day. We have decided that we cannot move because we live nearly smack dab in between our jobs since we both travel separate ways for work. The next thought was to get my husband a smaller vehicle to travel back and forth since he travels farther than I do. Unfortunately, the math just didn’t add up and we would be even more upside down than before. As many of you already have, we’ve halted our additional driving as much as possible outside of commuting to work, but as the gas prices rise we still feel it.

What’s the next option? For us it was to purchase motorcycles. Yes, motorcycles. Quite honestly, I have always been scared to death of them. But, again, the economy sometimes forces our hand. After doing the math we determined that even after the motorcycle payments, insurance, motorcycle gear, and the classes we need to take to learn how to ride safely, we’ll be ahead! We should start seeing the savings pretty quickly.

According to Mike Pesca, motorcycle and scooter sales have jumped drastically this year. Scooter sales are up nearly 25% this year alone! Does that tell you anything? Yes, it’s a lifestyle change and no you don’t have to go out and get a bunch of tattoos and wear all the leathers. It will be interesting to see our cost savings from commuting on our motorcycles.

How are you coping with this economy and the increase in gas prices?

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