Wellness Incentives For Employees

With healthcare costs on the rise for both employees and employers, I wonder why more companies don’t offer wellness incentives for their employees. Offering the products and services employees are interested also makes a big difference in how employees react to the offered program(s). I have worked for companies that challenge employees to be the ‘Biggest Loser’ and I have worked for companies that only offer wellness invective to employees without additional support by the company. I believe that if senior management provides direct support / commitment participation will increase among the general workforce.

According to Stephen Miller in his article Companies Increase Wellness Incentive Dollars, several actions can be implemented to improve participation and effectiveness:

  • Secure commitment from senior management
  • Align programs with the health risks and challenges of the workforce
  • Set realistic goals and measure results
  • Offer incentives that appeal to the workforce
  • Manage vendors by establishing performance requirements

Does your employer provide wellness incentives? If so, what types?

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