Teamwork In The Family

Working in teams isn’t just for the corporate and school environments…it’s for the family environment, too. Teamwork in families is extremely important to promote responsibility, support, identity, security, safety, family bonding, and communication. Children will need teamwork skills as they grow older, enter school, and eventually enter the workforce. Instilling teamwork values in the early ages of their lives will increase the likelihood that they will be team players later in life.

Several things should be thought about prior to engaging in teamwork in the family:

  • Allow your child to actively participate in the process or project.
  • Establish responsibilities and expectations…and stick to them.
  • Make sure the tasks are age appropriate.
  • Never, ever belittle your child.
  • Give your child one step of instructions at a time.
  • Let your child experience the consequences of non-completion of a task.
  • Ensure there is a reward at the end of the project, especially for younger children.
  • Rotate tasks so that everyone gets a shot at the enjoyable ones, as well as the dirty work.

Participating in projects or tasks that involve family teamwork often will increase your child’s ability to complete the task easier the next time around. This can be a fun learning experience for everyone involved!

P.S. There’s nothing wrong with using teamwork to get the house cleaned up!

Do you promote teamwork in your home?

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