Why Should A Company Establish And Document Policies And Procedures for Staffing Management?

Several reasons exist for having established (and written) policies and procedures for staffing management. Below are several reasons why policies and procedures should be well established, written, and documented:

  • Easier to follow than unwritten policies (especially for new policies, procedures, and employees)
  • Clarity of intentions and goals
  • Improvement of the strategic focus
  • Less time will be spent on policies and procedures
  • Increase in productivity
  • Consistent behavior and expectations
  • Fewer employee complaints
  • Efficiency in what should be routine procedures
  • Increase in perceived justice in staffing activities
  • Decisions can be made faster
  • Better communication
  • Less liability for the company

Staffing management consists of several areas including recruitment, selection, issues, and terminations. Issues arising from both internal and external can occur. Having documentation in place prior to running into issues can help those involved to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. In addition, these policies and procedures can help an employee understand their role and responsibilities better and faster with little intervention from management. They also provide consistency in the day-to-day staffing management procedures and can be used by anyone. If someone is out of the office, another employee can continue the work with minimal interruptions if the policies and procedures are documented well enough.

However, policies and procedures are meant to be changed as the needs and applications of the company change. If the policy or procedure is no longer meeting the needs of the employee or company, then it needs to be adjusted or changed to meet those needs again. Just because a policy or procedure is in place does not mean that it should be used only because it is in writing. Challenging these documents can help make the company more efficient and productive overall.

Does your company have established policies and procedures that are well documented?

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