Mobile Device Trends For 2012

redengine has identified several key drivers in mobile media and mobile advertising for 2012 in its article 12 Mobile Trends to Watch in 2012. A few of these trends, according to redengine, include:

Mobile advertising will continue to grow and diversify – mobile advertising will grow from SMS and MMS to full page videos and even advertising applications. We already see advertising banners in apps and throughout our mobile devices. These ads will become more prominent this year.

Mobile websites will continue to morph – designers have already begun building websites tailored specifically to mobile devices. These sites will continue to include rich media and videos that are geared for mobile device displays.

Mobile video calling will increase – the technology to video chat is already here; it’s just a matter it gaining ground with consumers.

Mobile finances and e-commerce – mobile devices can already accept credit card payments for business purposes, banks are already allowing customers to take a picture of a check and automatically deposit it through its app…these uses and apps will become richer throughout the  year.

Many changes and enhancements are coming this year, so be on the lookout for the focus on mobile media to proliferate nearly every market.

Do you use your mobile device for banking, everyday business transactions, etc? Do you use mobile video calling yet?  

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