Exceptional Vs. Mediocre Managers

Exceptional and mediocre managers definitely have their own set of qualities. I’ve listed a few below, but these are exceptionally broad and are definitely not all-inclusive. I have worked with and under individuals from both categories and I can tell you that the difference is easily seen!

Some qualities of exceptional managers:

  • Self-motivated
  • Creates goals and initiatives for employees
  • They contribute ideas
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Use employee strengths to better the team
  • Find out what their employees need to be motivated
  • Proactive in enhancing policies and procedures

Some qualities of mediocre/poor managers:

  • Sleeps in their office
  • Attempt to motivate all employees the same way
  • Waits for others to speak up that a process needs to be changed
  • They expect all employees to perform the same
  • They attempt to turn employees into the ‘perfect employee’

What type of manager are you? Are there areas that you know you need to improve upon?

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