Day 5 – Secret Santa

For the past couple of years my husband and I have really been involving our children in Christmas a little more. They’re getting a little older and understand more about the giving aspect rather than just the getting aspect of Christmas. For the past two years we have put all of our names into a hat and everyone gets to draw a name and shop for that person. Yes, we put all seven of our names in – the kids wouldn’t allow us to take our names out. We started out trying to make it a Secret Santa type of game, but apparently my kids don’t know how to keep a secret…

We designate a specific amount that each person is allowed to spend on the person whose name they drew. We like to keep the amount low ($50 or $100) because we are also trying to teach them how to spend wisely. Everyone also writes up a wish list for their Secret Santa, but they don’t have to purchase anything or everything off of the list.

Not only does this process teach children a few different lessons along the way, but they also get to have that wonderful, warm feeling with their person opens the gifts and they see the huge smile on their face!

Do you do something like this for Christmas with your kids?

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