Day 1 – When To Purchase Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is my second favorite holiday (right behind Halloween)! There are so many topics around Christmas that we could talk about. So, I have chosen to do the 12 days of Christmas…although, not at all like the song…

Day 1 – When to Purchase Your Christmas Tree

When is the right time to purchase your beautiful (real) Christmas tree? According to Steve Nix, you should start planning and executing your Christmas tree purchase mid-November while the trees are still fresh, while you still have the pick of the “litter,” and before the huge rush. Although, most houses traditionally don’t put the tree up until the day after Thanksgiving.

Another option is to purchase your Christmas tree online along with 300,000 other people. We can get anything online these days!!

While I absolutely love, love, love the smell of real Christmas trees, I am deathly afraid that it will dry out before Christmas and catch my house on fire. So, we stick to the fake trees and I just put branches and other Christmas smelly things around the house.

Do you put up a real or fake tree? When do you traditionally put it up?

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