Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for the Kids

If you’re like me, your house will be very full of family and friends for Thanksgiving, the house will smell delicious, football will be on TV, and there will be tons of kids going in and out of the house, playing football and other activities. Why not have some activities already setup for the little ones to keep them busy and out of your hair (as much as possible)?

Three great sites for activities that I have found are: DLTK’s, Kaboose, and Enchanted Learning.

They offer tons of fun stuff including:

  • Coloring Pages
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Poems
  • Place cards

Pre-planning always helps things go a little more smoothly, especially if you’re the mom, the cook, the hostess, the babysitter, and the entertainer. Yes, this one is geared specifically to the mom’s, although there are likely some guys out there who do all of this for their wives because they are wonderful husbands. However, I haven’t found one yet, so good luck ladies…

Do you have any activities that have become tradition for Thanksgiving in your home?

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