Part 2 – Get Fed Up! Tips To Get Motivated To Workout

Part 2 – how to motivate yourself into working out. I know that getting that motivation to just get up and do a little exercise can be oh so difficult. There are always TONS of reasons NOT to workout (i.e. that bed just looks so comfortable, I’m just too tired, I have no time), but here are some tips to help you get going.

  1. Start Slow – don’t set out to start in on hour-long workouts in the beginning, especially if you haven’t worked out regularly in a while. Start slow…maybe with 10 minutes a day and increase it from there.
  2. Find Something You Enjoy Doing – face it, you won’t do it if you don’t enjoy it. Find something that you enjoy doing to start. Ideas include: short bike ride while listening to your favorite music, walk around the park while your kids play, play at the beach, go swimming, or even play a sport on your favorite gaming console.
  3. Get Fed Up! – yes, that’s right Get Fed Up! Get Fed Up with buying new clothes in bigger sizes, Get Fed Up with not being able to climb those few stairs at work without being winded, and Get Fed Up about how you feel about yourself!
  4. Set A Goal – start with a small goal, such as doing 10 minutes a day of exercise for 1 week. Then, as you advance, set harder and higher goals for yourself.
  5. Don’t Beat Yourself Up If You Miss A Goal – everyone falls behind sometimes and that’s okay. Just start over. You may have the same goal(s) for a while, but that’s okay. You’ll probably Get Fed Up of having the same goal over and over again that once you finally break the cycle, you’ll feel even better!
  6. Get Excited – get excited about looking and feeling healthier! Even a little change can be great!
  7. Ask For Help – ask for help from your significant other, kids, coworkers, etc. Don’t do it alone! With the right support system, anything…and I mean anything…it possible!!

What motivates you to get out there and get your workout on?


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