Interview Process: Tests & Assessments

Tons of tests, assessments, and checks can be conducted during the interview process. Some of these

  • Personality Tests or Measures – determining the personality characteristics an individual has to place him or her in the appropriate position in the company.
  • Mental Abilities Tests – tests designed to test an individual’s intelligence in one or several areas.
  • Integrity Tests – designed to determine an individual’s integrity in regard to attitude, honesty, productivity, etc.
  • Drug Tests – self explanatory.
  • Background Checks – self explanatory.

However, if we are strictly talking about actual interviews then there are several techniques that are designed specifically for certain job roles. Some interviewers I have met like to focus on one area of specialty that the individual has stated he or she excels in. Other interviewers I have met like to just get a general idea of the knowledge the individual has pertaining to past job functions or educational experiences. Unfortunately, what I have found in both of these scenarios is that the interviewer doesn’t gather enough information about the interviewee to really make an informed decision. There are different interviewing techniques just like there are different managing techniques. Training on how to conduct interviews and practice can help both of these types of interviewers.

Personally, I like totake an approach where I at least touch on every aspect of the individual’s education, work experience, and items pertaining to the open position. I like to go through the individuals resume and application to attempt to determine if he or she is being completely honest on both, including asking specific questions about education and work experience. Then, I like to ask specific questions about the job he or she applied for to see how much knowledge he or she has in that area.

What is your interviewing technique?

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