Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Words…

It is THANKSGIVING!! What a joyous occasion! A day to be thankful for everything we have and to eat a fabulous meal with our loved ones. I thought it would be fun to list all of the words I can think of relating to Thanksgiving.

Prayer Friends Serve Yams Seasons Settlers
Dinner Giblets Stuffing Cooking Fruit Salad Vegetables
Turkey Dessert Thanks America Rolls Cornbread
Pie Pilgrims Wishbone Green Bean Casserole Feast Dish
Cider Pumpkin Indians Butter Blessings Thursday
Delicious Oven Shopping Baste Gobble Sleep
Drumstick November Apple Autumn Recipe Gratitude
Cranberries Meal Salad Colonists Bake Eat
Holiday Football Bread Parade Home Bake
Leftovers Gravy Carve Native Leaves Tradition
Mayflower Tablecloth Celebrate Harvest Fall Decorations
Family Centerpiece Nap Stuffed Plate Platter

What other words can you think of?

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